Presence of God (Combo)

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Keepsake Message:   In this Moment...I feel the presence of God.  In this Moment...I hear the presence of God.  In this Moment...I see the presence of God.  In this Moment...I am in the presence of God.


Artistically Designed . . . 

Beautifully Wrapped . . .


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   Keepsake & Journal Gift Set                                 

  • Affirmation Keepsake Adorned With A Handrafted Beaded Tassel

  • Journal of High Quality and Sophisticated Design - Over 50 Unique Designs!

  • Wrapping Ribbons of Exceptional Design and Color

  • Cellophane Wrapped Gift Displaying Beauty & Artistic Appeal

  • Journal Made of Hard Cover, Leather, Faux Leather or Fabric Material

  • Approximate Journal Size: 8'' x 5 1/2'',  100-200 Lined Pages

Each Gift Prepared With Care To Make

The Recipient Feel Special . . .     


You select your favorite Affirmation Keepsake and we will match your selection with a journal from our assortment of more than 50 different journal designs.   So no matter how many combo gifts you buy, you can be assured that no two gifts will be exactly the same.

Assorted Ribbon Collection for Keepsake and Journal Gift Set


Inspire.        Uplift.        Appreciate.



Hello. Thank you for your interest in our beautiful Affirmation Keepsakes and Gifts.

My name is Phyllis M. Alston and I am the Founder and Owner of the Powerful Living Corporation.

I have written and designed these affirmation products for you.  Combining my experience and training as a counselor and workshop facilitator -    I have developed a product line that I hope will make a difference in your life and in the lives of those you know and love.

Each Affirmation Saying Is Carefully Written and Designed to Inspire New Thoughts, Uplift Emotions and Transform Lives.