Life Really is A Marvelous Journey

Life Really is A Marvelous Journey

By Phyllis M. Alston





Life is a marvelous journey. Every goal you wish to accomplish in life follows the universal Law of Process, which "recognizes that goals are achieved through consistent and bite sized steps and actions ".

. . .Before you can walk you must first stand.

. . .Before you can run you must first crawl.


Taking Action. . .

Today, begin to evaluate key goals you have for your life. Taking a step at a time, ask yourself the following questions:


Step 1. What is your goal?  What do you want?

Step 2:  What values or benefits will having this goal bring to your life? 

(i.e. happiness, love, money, freedom, health etc.)


Step 3: What thoughts, beliefs or fears stop you from having this goal?


Step 4: What resources will support you with achieving your goal?  

(i.e. people, organizations, businesses, technology etc.)


Step 5: What actions can you take right now towards achieving your goal?


Step 6: How will you know when you have achieved your goal?


Step 7: Are you willing and ready to have what you want?


- Good Luck!





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