I Am Good Enough

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Size: 2 1/2 x 6 1/2"
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Keepsake Message:   Who Am I ?  I am good enough.  I am smart enough.  I am pretty enough.  I don't always have to do or say what others want me to do or say.  I can say No!!!  What I want is important. I am important and I matter too.



An Unique Piece of Jewelry . . .


A Beautiful Piece of Art . . .


An Encouraging Best Friend . . .

All Rolled Into One !   


   Affirmation Keepsake                                          

  • Handcrafted Beaded Tassel - Over 75 Unique Designs!   

  • Original Writings & Artwork By Phyllis M. Alston

  • Approx. Size: 2 1/2" x 6 1/2" (does not include  packaging)

  • Laminated For Posterity

  • Beautifully Packaged In Individual Clear Vinyl Sleeve

  •  Versatile Usage:  Keepsake, Bookmark, Gift

  • Keepsake Series: "A Woman's Affirmation"

Our Keepsakes are packaged in a Clear Vinyl Sleeve

Packing For Displaying and Easy Gift Giving


Inspiring Words and Inspiring Design. Handcrafted Beaded Tassel.

Each Beaded Design is Crafted  with Care.



Hello. Thank you for your interest in our beautiful Affirmation Keepsakes and Gifts.

My name is Phyllis M. Alston and I am the Founder and Owner of the Powerful Living Corporation.

I have written and designed these affirmation products for you.  Combining my experience and training as a counselor and workshop facilitator -    I have developed a product line that I hope will make a difference in your life and in the lives of those you know and love.

Each Affirmation Saying Is Carefully Written and Designed to Inspire New Thoughts, Uplift Emotions and Transform Lives.